Help rendering a vertical video

Hi, whenever I try to render my video in vertical format, for some reason it chops up the clips and makes them shorter, if anyone could help would really appreciate it, im not very smart when it comes to to editing but will try help the best I can

That is very strange. It looks like the first track is changed while the 2nd and 3rd track are not changed.

Can you clarify how you are rendering in vertical format? Did you change the video mode?

Also, can you share a screenshot showing the properties panel with one of your vertical videos selected?

It looks like you are changing the Video Mode, but it is not clear what you are doing because we do not have anything we label as “render” and you are showing the same file name within the Project player in both screen shots. In other words, it does not appear that did an Export, which is the most common thing people mean when they say “render.” So, I think you are changing the frame rate when you change the video mode, and you might want to avoid that. Before changing the video mode, click Output in the top left of the timeline followed by Properties to see the current frame rate.

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