Help recovering from this INVALID scenario

I’m new to Shotcut, but have been learning it. But, encountered a frustrating sequence of issues while trying to re-edit some old footage with photos from 2009. I wonder what I did incorrectly? … so hopefully when I put in another 4 hours re-editing it from scratch… it I don’t get the same result. I initially had an issue with a .MTS AVHCD Canon HG10 clip that showed the video with no audio, the others were fine… So, i went back and found the original set of clips and picts on an old backup folder and when I imported that version of the file it had the audio, so I imported it like the others in the Automatic mode too… and a few hours later I was done adding an intro-outro my edits, simple gain and fade audio and video filters and a second music background track had previewed and "save"d it before running the advanced YT EXPORT option and it exported the file with no apparent errors… so I posted it on YouTube, but it FAILED the upload with an “INVALID” error so I re-loaded the .mtl project and re-exported it again and tried to re-post again on YT but got an INVALID error again… I then gave up till this morning and now I can’t load the project without seeing an INVALID error when ever I load the .mtl. Why is this happening…and how to I avoid it? I looked in the FAQ and don’t see any situation quite like this. I’m on the 21.05.01 version of Shotcut and the latest version of Windows10 64 bit s/w. I’ve made about 10 videos on Shotcut and not seen an INVALID error from Shotcut or YouTube before.

There are some major bugs with 21.05.01 .

Try with 21.05.18 with the same project file, after you make a backup copy. There is also bugs with this as well, and being worked on for the next release.

The stable release of Shotcut is version 21.03.21

Thanks… will do…

@Hudson555x Hi There, I downloaded and installed the 21.05.18 but did not uninstall the 21.05.01 beforehand… There were no errors reported and the list of old .mlt projects looked Ok, but when I double click it, it simply loads it in the player and starts playing it with a big INVALID Error as the only video. No clips are shown in the playlist.

So my question to you would be, if you were going to start from scratch a third time, ( after I re-copied all the raw .mts and jpg files into a fresh project folder) … Would you use 21.05.18 or back up to the more stable 21.03.21? Secondly, was I supposed to UNINSTALL any old releases before installing new ones, and if YES, will Shotcut still retain my old projects and show their .mlt’s in the projects list? Thanks again… jimS

When you install a different version it just simply replaces the prior one. You don’t need to uninstall before installing a different version. With each version of Shotcut, you’ll see listed a zip version (Windows) which is a portable version. You just simply unzip it to a directory, and start up shotcut.exe and you’re using that specific version.

If you’re going to start over, just use 21.03.21.

You could also upload your MLT file here and the devs might have time to look at the project to see if anything can be fixed.

@Hudson555x Thanks for the tips… by the way, that’s how I installed the 21.05.18 but will install 21.03.21 and try again… They’res not much in this .mlt which seems of to me since I had just played it before hitting “Save” then exporting it.
here is what’s in it:

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