Help please

I have a 50% transparent image saved as PNG, when I put it on the timeline it is no longer transparent at all. Why if you please?
Shotcut V22.11.25 – W10 64 bits
Thank you for your help.

I’m using the recent beta, 22-12-04 and that seems to be working.

What do you mean by 50% transparent. Is it that half of the image is opaque and half of it is transparent, or that the alpha channel of all the pixels are 50%?

Post a screenshot of the entire Shotcut window with the PNG on track V1 and a coloured clip (say RED) on track V1.

Thank you Elusien for your answer, yes all the pixels of the Alpha Channel are at 50%

Transparency in video (alpha channel) is like a window without a world on the other side - nothing to see there. You need to add the world (background). Otherwise, if you expect to see a checkerboard you need to do that manually with the Alpha Channel: View filter.

Thank you for your reply and advice.

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