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Dear friends. I am new to shotcut and am having a very difficult time rendering and exporting my video. I made a travel video roughly about 60 minutes, and edited it, added narration, filters etc… But when I click to export (H264 high profile) with 80% quality, it takes more than 4 hours to create the file and it is 77 GB. What am I doing wrong? Could someone please help me?
Thank you so much.

Everything you stated seems fine. What is wrong?

Thank you for your fast reply!
The problem is the huge file size that it creates. almost 80GB and there is no way I can transfer that to a USB memory stick or a hard drive to be able to watch it on TV. But if I lower the percentage from 100%, then I will loose quality. Is there a way to be able to have good quality video ( to watch via USB memory stick) without sacrificing the GBs?

Less than 100 or 80% does not mean it will be low quality. Try using the default export and then decide where to go from there.

Thank you so much. Please excuse my ignorance. In the preset tge quality is at 55%. Could you please explain what does that mean? Will it matter?

As @shotcut wrote, nothing unusual about that.
You have a 60 minute video, depending on your computer, 4 hours is not unreasonable.

Think about it, even if your computer was exporting at real time (25 or 30FPS),
it would still take an hour.

Again, not unusual.
The more quality you want (roughly related to bit rate), the larger the file will be.
Of course you can decrease the bit rate, resolution (i.e. instead of 4K use HD), but
then you will have to tolerate reduced quality.

If you feel brave and want to mess about with different settings and codecs, you can
sometimes maintain the same perceived quality with a reduction in file size.
Codecs like h.265 are pretty good at this, however, you may find that the TV you want
to play back on, may not support these codecs.

Why don’t you first export a small section (few minutes) of your video and play it on your TV.
If you are happy with the results, then export the whole hour whilst you go do something else.
A file size of 77GB is not that big, 128GB USB thumb drives are not expensive.

Thank you so much for all the help. I am new to all this and I don’t know what I am doing. Thank you for your patience and advice. It helps a lot.

One more thing. Do I need to convert the final Project to a specific file so that the TV can read the thumb drive? Or mp4 is just fine?
Thank you again

h.264 in a mp4 (high profile) is a good guess.
As always, do a small test export before doing the whole project.

Thank you so much. One question that is off topic but I couldn’t find any tutorials or info. Is there a feathering feature in shotcut? For instance, if I overlay 2 clips, and scale the main clip, when I overlay them, it looks like a clean sharp edged rectangle on top of the background. Is there a way to smooth the borders/edges of the smaller clip so that it kind of meges into the background?
Thank you very much for your help.

Not that I know of.
Perhaps someone else will be able to tell you for sure or alternatively, suggest a work around.

Thank you Paul. Let’s hope That I will get lucky!!!

This is not perfect but the edges are kind of feathered.
Using Mask Simple Shape.

Or using Mask From File, with threshold set between 90-94% using Iris Box.


Thank you Sauron. Wow. that was perfect. Thank you so very much!!!

I wonder how much the exported file size is affected by the original clip file formats: MP4, AVCHD, etc.

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