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Dear friends. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. I have activated proxy editing from the preferences and chosen a folder. In the properties you see the “proxy” resolution 540. Then I clicked to de-activate the proxy, and in the properties tab it is still in “proxy” resolution (540) and not 1920x1080p. Does this mean that all my footage has converted to 540? What will happen if I delete the proxy folder? Will it go back to the original footage resolution? Or I will lose the edited project? Help please!!!


The keyword is “prevents.” That means it does not turn off, unfortunately. What you need to do after a proxy is created is to delete it, but as you can see that is not available on Windows. So, you need to manually remove it:

  1. Properties > Proxy > Copy Hash Code
  2. Settings > Proxy > Storage > Show
  3. close the project
  4. find the proxy file by hash code
  5. delete the proxy file (Close Shotcut if Windows complains the file is locked.)

Does this mean that all my footage has converted to 540?


What will happen if I delete the proxy folder?

Then, proxies cannot be loaded and it goes back to original footage until you make proxies. Proxies are loaded only if available and not always automatically recreated. A proxy is only created in 3 ways:

  • with proxy turned on and you add (using any edit operation) to Playlist or Timeline
  • Properties > Proxy > Make Proxy
  • with a project open and you turn on Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy and choose Yes
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Thank you for your fast response. But somehow i am still confused. If I delete the proxy folder, will it affect all the editing that I have done? And one more question, if I render the project, wont it take a 540p file and render it to 1080p? Wont the final project be just a enlarged version of 540p? Like pixelated?

Maybe I misunderstood “I clicked to de-activate the proxy” because there are 2 possible UI choices that matches that description. Start Shotcut with nothing loaded, turn off Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy, open the project, and see what is using. This represents the current state of what will be exported even after Use Proxy is turned back on

I just did that and when I open the project with the proxy checked off, the resolution is 640x360 instead of 1920x1080

  1. Open the file you want to use in the Source player.
  2. Set the in point as needed
  3. Right-click the timeline clip and choose More > Replace

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