Help please - Picture transparent background not working

Hi guys!

I want to add my logo to a video. So I created a 1920x1080 picture with transparent background and my logo in the bottom right corner.
When I add it now in shotcut in an own video track it completely covers my video (logo and the rest is black) alltough the background of the picture is transparent. Tried to change the video track settings from overlay to none, but that doesn’t change it.
The strange thing is, that I have a part in my video, where the video is only small in the right top corner and the rest of the screen is a picture. To highlight some parts of the picture I did the same thing as described above, but with a blue frame instead of the logo. I don’t know why but here it works!

hank you for your help!

You didn’t say in what track you put the big logo image. In any case it must be in the highest track you have. I.e., if your video is in V1, transparent image must be in V2 and so on. By the way, the solution you used is not so useful because you don’t need an image of the same size of the video to put a logo. You can simply add a smaller image containing only the logo, add an empty track in the timeline, put the image in the track dragging it to the length you need in the timeline and adding a “size and position” filter to resize it and put it in the bottom right corner.

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