Help please MTL Issue, can't load work

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to ShotCut. I have edited a video (on 32 bit version) But have upgraded my computer Today, and bought the new 64 bit version of ShotCut. I have the MLT file saved, and I can double click it and it loads into the program… Somewhat… It doesn’t seem to load up the project ready to view or play as when I saved it. The work doesn’t load into the timeline below and I cannot view the work I’ve done in general… Just a blank white screen in viewer, no work in my timeline, and nothing plays. It does seem to load all the recent source material on the right, but nothing in the playlist. Am I doing something wrong? I thought you could just drag and drop MTL right into the program and continue where I left off… But I cant figure it out. Is this due to it being mtl from 32 bit to 64 bit software? Using an Acer Aspire 5.

Thank you for any help.

What version was the 32-bit app as shown in Help > About Shotcut? Perhaps it was many versions old and the MLT format has evolved since then.

If the 32-bit app is already uninstalled, another way to find out is to open the MLT file in a text editor and look at the second line which will have “Shotcut version YY.MM.DD” in it.

Might be a compatibility problem between Shotcut and the new computer. Test Shotcut in general outside the project. Like Open Other > Noise. Otherwise, show a screen shot.

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