Help:Losing portion of video

I filmed video in 120p and now editing in shortcut. I have several clips on timeline. When I decrease the speed to .200000x for slo mo effect i lose portion of my clip ? Any advice ?

Maybe AI interpolation could help ?

Is the missing portion at the end? If you slow down a video clip its duration is made longer. But if the video is on the timeline it will only automatically extend that sub-clip to the space that is available before another clip on the same track because it cannot assume that you want to overwrite it or move it. So, if you need to make it longer choose what to do to make room for it, and then do it. That might mean you trim or move the neighboring clip. Or, it might mean that you turn on Ripple mode, and extend the right end of the clip you slowed so that it pushes the neighboring clip.

The end of clip was missing when I shorten the time. So what I did is start all over. Added one clip at a time instead of adding multiple clips. This was tedious but it worked.

So move over the neighboring to make room for the first clip and repeat the same with remaining clips also ? Where is the ripple mode setting ?

Ripple = Timeline toolbar
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 5.38.01 PM

Thx. One more question. I shot the video vertical. I got the black bars on left and right. Also, when I upload to uTube get the same. How do I remove those bars in post ? Want video be full screen no bars.

There are various solutions. See here:

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