Help! Just recently started exporting black videos!

So, it seems some of the videos I’m exporting turn black upon export… I exported a file yesterday and it worked fine (!), one a few days ago and it was black (!). Then another file this morning and it was black also. I take it there’s some kind of difference in these videos.
Microsoft wouldn’t even let me watch one of the videos on my computer this morning (said my computer was missing a codec?) I had to download it (sorry, didn’t really check what it was called) and now I can watch the file. However, the same file is exporting black…) It feels like I should change some setting in Shotcut for these particular videos that cause problems, but which and where?

Anyone?.. Kinda need to export this one file tomorrow and would really appreciate some help!

Hi @licorice2
Try the solution posted in this post maybe?


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