Help - Is it possible to temporarily shut down the sound of an audio track?


In my project, I have :

  • A movie track with a series of short movies (including voices sounds)
  • A sound track with only a song

Sometimes, I shut down the sound of the movies (and so you hear the song), but sometimes, the sound of the movie is fun or interesting so I want to hear it (and not the song) and then, for the next movie, I’d like to hear the song again.

So, is it possible for a few minutes to shut down the sound track and to hear it again a few minutes later ?


Yes. You have to use an audio filter (on both tracks) and animate the loudness (there’s another word for this in the filter - have to look it up). The technique is called keyframing, so you keyframe the level of the audio - for both tracks. You probably know that you can temporarily shut off the audio of each track by the little speaker symbol on the left hand side of each track? The settings are also used if you export the video, so dont forget to set them back :slight_smile:


Audio filter “Gain/Volume”. Click the stopwatch icon to enable Keyframes on this filter. Then you can adjust “Level” in a way which changes as the video progresses. In the keyframe mode, the stopwatch icon sets a point in time that you have specified a new gain level.

Audio engineering terminology:
+20 dB means very loud.
0 db means don’t change the volume from the original
-69 db means essentially silent.

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Thanks for your answers : it works !

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