Help in exporting from Sony Handycam Dcr-sx20

Hi, so i wanted to khow what profile or what i should use to export a bunch of videos of this Sony cam from my gradma.

I did before, but i always feels like i am not exactly doing it right, and probably i am just seeing stuff that is not like there and being too nitpicky.

Below a example of a video that i just picked one of the scenes and put on the youtube, maybe youtube somehow also mess with the quality, i am not versed in this regard exactly, and even by researching, i still not sure what to do with this device

Looks like that Sony is missing a tripod.

Perhaps buy your grandma one if that is practical ? - they help a lot.

It’s even a better experience if you get an optional remote control so that she doesn’t have to hold the camera to start shooting.

The newer Camcorders have a smartphone app to do this rather than a physical remote but I much prefer the old IR remotes. Phones can be so confusing to operate when filming and I don’t know why the IT people at camera makers don’t really get that.

That bird looks happy to come back.

Try again until you can get stabilised footage is what I’d suggest.

Otherwise you’ll can try some other ways t stabilise the footage but I think it’s going to be quite hard.

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ohh yeah, stabilization would be a problem i forgot… i guess i could try to make one from bamboo or something later on.

ok, stabilization aside, which i will not try to mess with on shortcut, anything else regarding options to export i should do?

I’m working on bird videos myself.

There’s so much more that you could do, but ‘Export’ isn’t a very interesting topic. To me it just means press the 'Export button, select a resolution, then press ‘start’.

If you mean Editing then you could use B-roll footage, add talking or comments made by the bird. For example have the bird tell grandma to put on her bra when she comes to the garden.

Have the bird complain about the food ? “Why can’t you spend big for the $3 bird-seed?”

And any nonsense that you care to add.

What is the filming resolution currently set to? I just looked up the specifications here DCR-SX22 Specifications | Sony MY and it seems that it has a maximum filming resolution of 640x360.

That may be where your problem lies.

It’s likely that you might be able to push the video through an Upscale processor. The software to do that costs more than buying a new camcorder second-hand. So it’s up to you.

ahh ok i wake up i think i can explain it better

i wanted to khow what format, or profile i wanted to export from that kind of camera, not to make it high quality then the source (on youtube is on 480p and i don’t want to change that), but like, not to make it too big of a file size when archiving.

not only the birds, but there is a bunch of my gradma files from her travels i need to edit together a bunch of them to make a single video, so i can keep in storage.

some profiles i do manage to make a little smaller without lowering too much the quality, but i’ve been testing to see where that sweet spot is where i can lose so not noticeable quality and also have a good storage space.

So what i want is probably to have a export option not for high quality videos, but for videos that this camera can do.

Also the comment about the bra feels kind of uncalled for, the heck was that?

If there is a better way to show my export settings someoen show me, but this is what i’ve been using for videos in this cam and trying to see what works for a while

Humans see in 3 chromas but birds see in 4 chromas. Birds can therefore see things that humans can’t.


My apologies if I offended you by drawing your attention to the Birds Eye point of view. Birds have their own way of seeing things and they can really be quite funny sometimes.

I’ll let you work to find the settings that you like. Enjoy.

The resolution in export screenshot is too high for this goal. Probably your video mode is set incorrect. After fixing that, the default export settings are adaptive to resolution and frame rate. Just use the defaults, and if you have something in particular you want to change then report that.

Thank you! i will do that!
ok this is what i have it now, and i think the result was good given the camera’s age.

























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