Help... I may have lost a file

I was editing a captured video from playing a game. I do so all the time, I’ve become familiar with the process.

Once I ad audio tracks to the timeline, I usually add an audio filter to those tracks GAIN/Volume, reducing the db of the audio, because it comes int too loud on playback.

This time, after going through all the edits on the video, various visual mixes, and various text filters, etc. even blending two audio together, forgetting to add those filters for the audio, I proceed to export the file. The video was only 2.5 min long, so it took no more than 2 minutes to Export/or Render.

After it was finished, I opened the file from my YT folder to proof-read/watch it, or preview it. Right away, as it began to play, I realized it came in too loud. I let it go for a min or so, contemplating if I wanted to try again.

Normally, when I edit a video I’ve already exported/rendered, I go back to the .mlt file. If I did that, i’d have to adjust the audio gain filter for 3 different audio cuts. I figured, try editing the .mp4 instead, only edit one audio cut/track adding the Gain Filter, would cover all the audio at one time.

I edited the .mp4 as I would a .mlt. Once done, I export again, Rendering it under same visual format I always do, using same title as I didn’t need the old one now. I also saved the .mlt title with the new edits. I don’t proofread in shotcut, I don’t know why, but it’s always choppy before exporting. I alwasy save, close program, and load the .mp4 file in my Win Movie player, whatever it is. So finished with the re-edited .mp4, and saved the .mlt with current updates, I close the Shotcut program.

I opened the .mp4 in the Windows video playback, and…
IT’S BLACK! And Silent! Nothing. Video was same length as the file was supposed to be. It was the known title I recently exported/saved as, which over writ the same title from before the edits. On the sound bar below, it shows the audio waves as I remember seeing them when I edited. I still could not HEAR or SEE anything. And yes, the video timer on the screen was ticking I cllicked the video time bar in different locations. Black and Silent entire video!

What did I do to my file? How can I restore it with working Video and audio! At this point, i don’t care if too loud. I will warn my followers on my YT video description… I just want my project back… Everything I did was on that one .mlt file.

If I go back to the original Captured file, I’d have to REDO everything in my edit, half of which I forgot what or how I did!

Please help? Is there something I need to do to fix the visual? audio tracks? If the info is still on them? Maybe masked by something? Idk!

Thanks for any attn I get.

Its too long to read, Please try to tell in two or four lines. :fearful:

idk how to summarize that. I’m a detailed person. any part I mentioned pertains to the problem. more details provide a bigger idea to get a better picture in your head what the problem is. So either you want to help, or you don’t. thanks for your reply!

You should go back to the project file and add the Gain/Volume filter to the Master track (click it to select it) instead of doing the individual clips. I cannot tell you why your process resulted in black silence. I hope you did not overwrite the original project with the second project. If you did, you cannot recover it unless perhaps you use backup software or have Windows File History turned on. If you only have the second project file that produces black silence, you can upload it here for someone to look at.

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