[HELP] How to move split clips/scenes back?


I am making my first video and picked Shotcut for the job. So far so good but I made a mistake after I started placing the first clips/scenes. Last night I checked the video and there is a space left between clips. Basically my video is cut in half.

So what I need to do is select ALL the clips/scenes AFTER the cut and move the back and get them attached to the left clips/scenes.

I have tried manually selecting all the clips right side and move the to the left and get them in the right position BUT every time I do this, after I release the mouse button the clips/scenes are messed up even more, scattered around.

So I am here to try and see if I can be suggested a good way of doing this.

I have attached two screenshots to show what I mean.

I made a mistake after I started and left that gap there without realizing. And now I have to move everything from the red to the yellow line and attach

As I said I have tried manually selecting everything in the red section and move it to the yellow line but after I release the mouse the scenes get messy and it won’t what I need.

Suggestions and help required and very much appreciated!!!

You might need to zoom in a bit to see the empty spot.
Ripple edits across all tracks.
Right click the area you want to remove, then Remove.

Thank you. It worked after I filled half of the spot where I had to remove. But overall this is the solution to my problem. Thank you!

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