Help! How can I remove side panels from video?

I cropped a video clip and now it has black space on both sides. When I play the clip inside or outside of shotcut it does not fill the whole viewing area. I’m so new to video editing that I’m not even sure where to begin. I tried using the size and position filter and choosing fill but nothing changed. I also tried changing the aspect ratio but that didn’t work. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. There is a screenshot of my video below. I want to get rid of the black bars on the left and right.

I am working on a Windows 10 Machine, 64 bit.

You certainly have to match the ratio of your footage and the ratio of the project.

Then, first rule in my opinion, always shoot in landscape… Except if you really want to do some multi image on your final video on some parts…

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Crop filter. Then tweak top/bottom by moving blue bars a little, then left/right until the picture fills the viewing area. But you will have to cut a bit of the top and bottom to do this.

Hello Emily, I had a similar problem. I got around the problem by using a free program called WINFF (always run your virus checker before installing). Looking at the video example above, this is how you could fix it. Load up WINFF - it’s a very simple and easy to use program with a minimal interface - and go to the CROP setting. For your example shown above, crop the right and left by inputting 60 for each side. You can preview your selection. This works for most file types. If it does not play the file it may still be able to do the required work. Go to the program’s VIDEO setting and select aspect ratio 16:9 (probably not an essential requirement but I do it anyway). Importantly, there’s also a setting for .MP4 widescreen, presuming that’s your goal. Select CONVERT and then you’re off to the races. It’s fast. A legacy screen (DOS era) will open. The program then does its stuff. It will render a large file quickly. You know it’s finished when you see blue text asking you to press any key. I have posted about this previously. A word of advice - it can mess up the voice synching of some file types so please bear that in mind. It also runs quite happily on WIN 10. SHOTCUT will then work its magic on your finished file when it comes to final editing. SHOTCUT is the best! Have fun.

Handbrake will do the job too. Also free.

I got that problem while creating a video the other day as I wanted to get rid of a playset encumbering my backyard…

I took pictures and put some banners on top and the resulting video had black edges…

I uploaded it to that at some point told me: we noticed that we could optimize your video, do you want us to do that? I said yes and the black edges were removed.

Note that my banners were not leaking in the black area.

Here you can see the result without the edges

Handy if you’re planning to post to YouTube in the first place.