Help export timelapse as video

Hey I can not open my export timelpas as a video

Click on Export shotcut_2021-02-08_15-11-57 then Export File
Type in a name for your video, and then Enter.
Wait for the export to complete.

  1. Put all images belonging to the timelapse into its own folder so you can work with it easier and not make us guess which of your files you are trying to use.
  2. Image sequence file names that begin with a number, for example a date, are BAD. The software needs to understand the order of the pictures by extracting a number from the base file name. If you use numbers it does not understand which of the numbers belong to the base or to the sequencing. You can select all of them in Explorer and choose rename to renumber them. See
    Timelaps (Image sequence) does not inculde all my stills
  3. Open the first image in Shotcut, and go to Properties and click Image sequence checkbox.
  4. Export > Export File

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