Help: Every time I open my .MLT the clips are moved

Every time I open this particular file clips have moved, filters have disappeared or the filter is there but doesn’t work. I’ve fixed this file five or six times. Every time I open it it’s all messed up again. What happened? How do I fix this? I feel like I’m being hacked and pranked.

PS: It is NOT the ripple and trim functions.

I have not experienced this or even heard of this before.

Some things we could do to try to look for clues:

  • The next time this happens, save the application log and upload it to this post
  • Upload your project file to this post - maybe something will give a clue

This file had crashed previously, three times. It was auto renamed [filename].repaired.repaired.repaired. I’m going to give up on this file. Luckily I have test MP4s of this file saved that I can rebuild it from. It’s frustrating because it’s the longest chapter in the project but I’ve wasted probably 20 hours or more over 3 days trying to get this MLT file right. My laptop isn’t really powerful enough to do video editing, so knowing for sure if all my edits are good is impossible inside of shotcut. The laptop tends to lag in shotcut right at the edits. So, what I do is make an MP4 and check that for errors. I’ll find a few small errors, go back to the MLT to correct them then next thing I know clips are missing, or a clip has turned into a different clip, or it’s moved, or the filters are gone, or they are still there but they don’t work. I’m guessing the file is corrupted and causing all these problems.

App Log.txt (1.5 MB)

From the log, I see:

[Info ] <Application::Application> Starting Shotcut version 20.07.11

That is a very old version. We have made many improvements since that release. Maybe the problem you are seeing has been fixed.

I think that might be a good idea. Perhaps something became corrupt in your file.

Since you are starting over, I would recommend to download the latest version so you can benefit from the many bug fixes that have been made.

However, this version (20.07.11) supports the old Text:HTML filter, so if the user is making use of this filter to render webpages/animations, moving to the current supported version will break these filters, which do not exist in the later versions.

I use the current supported version of Shotcut, but I still have a copy of 20.07.11 for those parts of the project that need to use the old Text:HTML filter. I export the result to a VP9 or Quicktime-Animation at a high quality and import the resulting video as a clip into my project using the latest version of Shotcut.

My video is in four parts because my laptop can hardly handle editing. I had to take that file and break it up into four parts. I finally got that entire chapter finished, then I put the four parts of chapter one plus chapters two, three and four into shotcut and edited a test MP4. I found a mistake in chapter two. I spent about 12 hours yesterday working on chapter two. Every time I went back something changed. I finally realized that some of it was from copy and paste and some of it was from using the snapping magnet. I have a lot of edits, L & J cuts, so detached audio. I noticed when changing tracks with an L or J cut the detached audio may not snap where I intended it to snap causing a fresh problem.

Last not around 1:30 in the morning I finally finished fixing chapter two for what must have been at least the 12th time that day. Everything was fine but I decided to save the MLT and export it in the morning. Opened up this morning and parts had changed again. They change place, the filters stop working. It’s maddening! If my laptop didn’t lag when playing the file in shotcut (usually right over the edit I need to see and hear) I’d have been done this project two weeks ago. Last week I thought I’d have it finished on the upcoming Saturday. Here I am on the following Thursday wondering if it will be finished this Saturday. I’ve been working 10 to 14 hours a day fixing problems that come back in on their own.

Shotcut was giving me message saying to click and see if there was a new version, but I’m afraid that downloading a new version will make things worse. I’m starting to feel like the universe doesn’t want me to finish this video.

I have downloaded the latest version. Things are better but I still have problems. I have a frame that jumps right after a dissolve. I’ve fixed it 14 times at least (no really) and while it is gone in the editor, it returns somehow in the exporting process. I have been working 10 to 14 hour days for four days on one 3 minute chapter and every time I fix something in the editor I find it’s back or a similar problem has ocurred in the exported MP4.

Here’s another problem (I’ll make a separate bug report) I am working with some still frames. They have movement effects, either position movements or scale changes. If I blend them together (simple dissolve) one or both still frame’s filters will change, sometimes drastically. No matter how many times I fix it it comes back in one form or another. In desperation I’ve gotten rid of the the dissolves but now one of the still frames is scaling wrong.

Quick diagnostic questions…

Are you going back and forth between Preview Scaling on and off? When Preview Scaling is on, the coordinates are no longer precise. Adjustments made with Preview Scaling on will look like they shift slightly when Preview Scaling is turned off, and vice versa. This is an inevitable side effect of working at lower resolution.

Also, is there any chance the source videos came from a cell phone or some other device that created variable frame rate video? The frame jump after a dissolve sounds like a seek accuracy issue, which usually happens with VFR clips. These clips require “Convert to Edit-Friendly” conversion so that they consistently retrieve the same frame on every seek operation.

I do work with preview scaling on and on rare occasions I’ll turn it off. But I am comparing what I see in the MLT to what I see in the exported MP4. The problem does exist outside of preview scaling. The footage was recorded on a GoPro 7.

There is a chance those clips are VFR. Did Shotcut prompt for conversion when the video was added to the timeline?

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