Help! Black screen video after export


I am a newbie and am just learning video editing.

Thank you for the wonderfully easy program you created. Just when I thought I mastered it, I find that I cannot export the project as a video for youtube.

Here are the details. I dont know how to include the log, so I have tried to give as many details as I could think of.

I have tried to export this video repeatedly, but each time with the same resut. No video except for the jpgs that I have inserted for illustrations.

I read up everything I could about exporting in youtube, and the problems of black scree adn tried them. Nothing has worked so far.

I used .MOV file from Nikon D5600 camera for a project of 18 mins length. I have three tracks, one with the video clips, one with logo and one with stills that I insert.

I used all the settings you recommend to export it for video, but the end result is black screen with audio, and the jpgs I inserted.

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series, with a Intel UHD 620 graphics card. Windows 10, latest version. Checked and ensured the driver for the graphics card is latest, was using Shotcut 21.06.29, but when I got a black screen upgraded to 21.03.21 today. SAME RESULT

Apparently I have hsv264_qsv and hevc_qsv installed. But as per your suggestion, I have not used or changed anything in Advance. This is just FYI

Here are the settings I used

youtube preset


aspect ratio 16:9

Frames/sec either 29.97 or 30,

scan mode Progressive

Deiterlacer YADIF - temporal +spatial

Interpolation Bilnear

I have exporting with locked tracks and unlocked tracks with the same result.


Did you select the export option “Use Hardware Encoding”? If so try exporting without that option. Hardware encoding from time to time does not work and just produced a blank video.

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