Hello, need advice

I want to place one video on top of another with transparency. So I need that green background for the top video? And what filter then I use. I could not google anything on this topic :frowning:

The filter is called CHROMA. There is a Chroma Simple and a Chroma Advanced. Try the simple one first. There are 2 parameters, one is the color (Green in your case) the other is called Distance and you need to play around with this to get all of the green to become transparent.

If you have Distance too large it will start making other parts of your video transparent. You can get around this by having a lower value for distance then apply the filter a second time with a green closer to that which is left on the screen and mess about with Distance again.

You can also experiment with Chroma Advanced.


Hello ! You can see how to do a green screen with this post in my website ; CinéTech :

I’m sorry this page is only in french but I can’t modifiy it because of the website editor.
I hope it helps you…

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