Hello .. can the mlt file that will be imported as clip have transparent background

Hello … can the mlt file that will be imported as clip-in another project has a transparent background ?! … thank you !!

you can probably use chroma key for this if you make the background green. like a greenscreen although i do not know what you mean by background because you will have to isolate your background first somehow.

Hi, Mattshot1
"I do not know what you mean by background " … well I mean that there will be other clips on the same project which I will import also on it mlt project …but when I import it which it is have png images only and a transparent background …it is can not have a transparent background for the other tracks ?! I do not know why ?!

Yes, this works as long as the MLT XML clip is transparent:

In order for a MLT XML clip to be transparent, it must have defined a non-opaque alpha channel (use Alpha Channel: View filter to visualize, but remove it when done). Also, it must be a single clip project (no playlist or timeline, only use Source player), or if a timeline no multiple video track blending where you want to have transparency. IOW the clip with non-opaque alpha channel can be on any video track, but there should be nothing on any other visible video tracks in the time regions where you want transparency.

In my example above, mlt xml clip with transparency.mlt is simply a PNG with alpha on Timeline V1 by itself.

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