Hebrew Language in "Rich text Filter"

Is it possible to use the “Rich text filter”
in Hebrew ?
(Cannot write strait into the filter’s window)
I tried to use it and all I got were x’ses
and some symbols.
I just wrote several lines in Hebrew, font Tahoma, simple text file encoded UTF-8, saved it.
Imported it into the filter and as said above, all were x’ses and symbols.
Same font in simple text filter - is OK.
Answers will be appreciated.

Shotcut 21.05.18
System windows 10 pro, 19041.985 x64

It works for me after installing the Windows language pack.

I did not test using the rich text editor’s open menu. I typed directly some random key presses because I do not know Hebrew.

Thanks for the answer.

  1. Hebrew language pack is installed on the system since computer was new.
  2. In your attached sample, you use the simple text filter. In my post I wrote with this filter its OK. Try copying the text into the simple text filter - its OK.
  3. Here in a small zip file attached, there is a small Hebrew text file, only two lines.
    And a screen shot when this was opened in the rich text filter.(For your experiments). And by the way, in this filter cannot type anything, only to import/open a file.
    Hebrew in Shotcut rich text filter.zip (25.6 KB)

Occasionally I was searching to solve / find answer to this Hebrew in the “Rich Text Filter” problem, and I think I found it.
But first some background: When I started to add Hebrew subtitles to my full movies (downloaded or DVDs), I searched for the Hebrew subtitles to download (there are some sites). The subtitles are .srt files which actually are simple text files. Playing a movie with such subtitle, I got giberish instead of Hebrew. Started a search and found that these text files have to be encoded as “UTF-8”, then it worked (had to make some timing adjustments and text repairs).
So I tried the same kind of text file to open in the “Rich Text Filer” (had in mind video and subtitle) which gave only X’s.
So started to check other (Hebrew) fonts with no luck.
Hebrew Text file.txt (56 Bytes)
Hebrew in Shotcut2
Hebrew Text file.txt (56 Bytes)

Then I tried (guesswork) to encode the text file other way, used 'save as “UTF16-LE” or “UTF16-BE”. Opened such file in mentioned filter and saw real Hebrew, not X’s.
So I think this (hopefully) solved the problem.
If that text file I posted there still with you, you can try it. If not, attached here that same file saved / encoded as “UTF16-LE”.
Well, I think thats it.

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