HDR Saturation and Lighting way off when importing 4K HDR Videos

I’m not sure what the issue is, or if it’s just a compatibility issue, but importing 4K HDR video in Shotcut just ends up with a really desaturated and bright preview, and thus the clips i export from it end up being really desaturated and overly bright too. The color is just way off (Imgur link to the screenshots) - Bottom is the correct saturation and lighting/shadows, taken using the windows snipping tool and VLC, and above is shotcut. I’m not sure what’s causing this… (used imgur because new users can only post one image per topic)



Shotcut does not support HDR yet.

The desaturation looks like an issue with a BT.2020 colour space clip being displayed as if it is a BT.709 clip.

ah, alright ! thanks :slight_smile:

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