Having problems with audio?

Every time I export a video the audio seems blurred out. I changed some settings around but nothing seems to work. Help?

Not sure what you mean by ‘blurred out’. Do you mean muffled or too loud and clipping?

Yeah, thats the word, muffled. I can’t send you the video but the computer audio is fine but the song I added to it is muffled, and I can’t seem to fix it. And I know its not the song because when I open the audio up as an mp4 file it’s just fine, but when ran through shotcut, its muffled…

You mean MP3 ?

Have you tried other MP3 audio files? Is the result the same?
Unless you have fiddled with some audio filters I can’t offer any clue, never come across such an issue with Shotcut.

Well It goes along with a little video, and yes I have tried different things and I just got shotcut and didn’t mess with anything