Having Issues with Shotcut


I just downloaded the latest version which is 19.06.15. When I export an audio file, there’s no problem like hanging issues. But when I export a video file (it was a short one like 10 seconds less), the video and my laptop lags until the video ends. I was wondering what version should I download considering what laptop I have (please refer to the picture attached).

Thank you in advanced!

With that low end system I recommend the 32 bit version and limit yourself to 1280x720 video resolution with very few tracks in the timeline.

Thank you for the reply! Will try downloading the 32 bit version and see if it will still lag.

Thank you again in advanced!

I tried the 32 bit version and it still lags. Instead, in order for me to edit, I would just pause the video so it won’t lag. That’s the only solution for my problem other than buying a high end system.

Thank you for the support!

P.S. What I actually meant was importing a file and not exporting. Sorry about that. Anyways, I don’t have problems exporting files.

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