Having a text layer in Shotcut

Is it possible of for Shotcut to Implement a text overlay on the timeline in the future? I believe it would bring way more flexibility and easy of use to the text feature. Its normally used in premier pro and vsdc but adding that feature would really have shotcut standout in terms of opensource video editors.

I shotcut you can put text ony any clip in any layer it is much more flexibel that having a dedicated text layer.
You can create a track and and your text clips to it, if that is the way your workflow is, I normally use 1-3 tracks dedicated to text overlays. Text overlay clips in shotcut is normally a color clips with a transparent color and Text: simple or Text: Rich filters, the easiest way to create it is using File → Open Other → Text or using the toolbar button


I appreciate the feedback Tim. BTW what did you use to create those matrix-like effects on screen?

The matrix windows open effect is an extention for Gnome on Linux.

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Hi @malio, further to @TimLau 's excellent advice, this video may help:


Subbed immediately your a gifted teacher