Have edited mlt xml to delete clip; will bad things happen down the line as I edit

Hello everyone,

Shotcut v20.11.28, Windows 10.0.19401, CPU i7-8th-gen, 8GB RAM

One particular clip in my project crashes Shotcut every time I select it. I’m unable to delete it from the timeline. Clip has SPR, Brightness, Contrast, White Balance Filters on. Log file last lines suggest it ran out of RAM, but I’m not an expert. So I’ve deleted that particular clip by editing out the mlt file, everything between <producer ...> ... </producer> for that clip.

  • Is this likely to have produced (no pun intended) problems in the altered mlt file that are not apparent immediately? The edited file now seems to be working adequately.
  • Is there a better way to do delete this clip?

I’m able to edit any other clip with the same or more filters before and after this particular one. I tried restarting, selecting and deleting the clip using the keyboard but that also results in a crash.


You would also need to delete any references to that producer, such as any item in a <playlist> that references that producer name.

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…oh, and probably replace deleted references with <blank> entries of the same length to avoid breaking time sync with other tracks.

Oops. So far only one reference I could find for that producerID

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