Has the "nesting" feature from Premier been added yet?

So I’ve had this issue for a while… I absolutely need to be able to zoom into multiple images/videos overlaying on different video tracks at once. I learnt this is apparently called the “nesting” feature in Premier, so I checked for that. I found a forum post from a few months ago asking basically the same thing. A comment from September said that feature was #5 on the roadmap, so I’m assuming it should’ve been added by now. Thing is, I can’t find it… So has it been implemented yet? I just updated to the latest version, 22.12.21

I don’t know what nesting is, but look for yourself. If it’s still on the Road Map, it means Shotcut doesn’t have it yet.

I wouldn’t know because every editor apparently calls it something else. From what I’ve seen, it’s essentially combining multiple clips into a group and applying tilters to that group. Again, might work differently in Shotcut

It’s probably Groups in timeline then.

It is in the More list of the road map. No particular order or estimated delivery time. I guess it is safe to assume that you shouldn’t expect to find it in the next Shotcut release.

Just what I was afraid of… Is there a decent workaround for this at the moment?

To my knowledge, the closest thing available as a possible workaround would be to use MLT files as clips. See how it works in this tutorial by @bentacular

That doesn’t seem like the best solution for me, since I still need to be able to manipulate the individual clips within a “group” separately, but also as a group. I guess it is possible this way, but seems extremely bothersome to flood a project file with hundreds of MLT files.

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