Has Shotcut given up on developing a Ken Burns effect filter?

Ugh. I’m bummed. I love Shotcut… but I really, really, really^100 want / need access to a Ken Burns effect. Am I missing it in the console, or has the request which was at one point “at the top of the development list” simply faded off into obscurity?

I note that it was heavily requested years ago…

Does this now exist as a capability? If not, I have to guess that it has been punted due to complexity of implementation. I hope not… I don’t want to have to re-learn another editor as Shotcut is a pretty dang nice tool.

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All you need to do to create the Ken Burns effect is use the S&P filter or the R&S filter with key frames to zoom and pan.


Filters > + Video > Size and Position > Preset > Slow*
There are numerous presets that start with Slow that are Ken Burns style.

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