Hardware encoding?


I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop, supposed to have an integrated card (HD Graphics 630) but also a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 dedicated discrete graphic card.

When rendering files with Shotcut, it takes a long time, and the Nvidia card doesn’t seem to be doing much. Most load seems to be on CPU and integrated card.

I have selected a codec that is supposed to be supported for hardware acceleration, and the files are already in h265, so just doing cutting/stitching shouldn’t take so long. Takes about 1 hour to render 5 minutes of video, supposed to be in the same resolution (4K) and codec (already h265 at source).

Source files are from a DJI drone, so supposed to be h.265, 29.97 frames per seconds, 4K.

How can I force Shotcut to leverage the H265 encoding capability of the dedicated graphic card?



In the Advance Menu, did you select the correct codec? If you can make a video of what you are doing, it would be great.

Thank you

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