Hardware Encoder High CPU Usuage


I decided to try out Shotcut for it’s Hardware Encoding Support. I have an Nvidia RTX 2080. Using the latest Nvidia Driver 430.86 the h264_nvenc doesn’t work. I noticed this in the Task manager 0% in Video Encoding.

So I tried the oldest driver I can get which is 411.70. That kinda works but it’s only encoding at 30% with high cpu usuage. Using HEVC yeilds higher results in the Task manager for Encoding 63%. But still fairly high CPU usuage.

Is hardware encoding still in Beta stage??

Thank you

System Specs:
Intel i7 6700K CPU
Asrock Gaming K6+ Mobo
Galax 2080 EX 1clickOC V2
Corsair Vengeance 32GB LPX Ram
Corsair HX1000i PSU
Nvidia Driver GRD 430.64 Standard
Windows 10 PRO 1903

This is normal. Hardware encoding is for the video encoding only. The audio/video decoding, all audio/image processing, and audio encoding still takes place on the CPU.

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