Handles for Mask: Simple Shape

Would it be difficult to add the same handles to the Mask: Simple Shape that are available in the preview window for the Size Position and Rotate filter?

I’m working on a video where I need to frequently move and resize a couple masks and I can see that it’s going to take me hours of fiddling to get it right. If I had the same handles as the Size Position and Rotate Filter, I could probably get the effect I need within a few minutes by just dragging the filter where I want it to be and resizing it by dragging one edge or another.

For example, if I want to extend the mask to the right, I currently have to increase the width, which means very careful manipulation of the filter values and then I also have to alter the horizontal position because altering the width moves both the right and left edge of the filter. I desperately wish I could just drag the filter into place. Getting this mask to be the right size and in the right place means a lot of back and forth between changing the width, then changing the position then adjusting the width again and further adjusting the position.

Also, when using the oval mask, could the default be set to make it appear as a circle? Deforming a circle to make an ellipse is much easier than deforming an ellipse to make a perfect circle. Or perhaps circle could be added as a new simple shape?


I suggest this in july with the possibility to replace units % by pixels


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I second this.
Having to type in numbers or fiddle with sliders for every single keyframe to move the mask is a royal PITA.

I love how easy Spot Remove is to use because of its VUI, but I don’t like how it looks in the video so I end up having to put myself through working with Mask: Simple Shape anyway, and boy would I love to have the same ease of use for that.

Even just a handle that lets me drag the mask to the right position each keyframe would make a big difference on its own, but if it also had outlines that let me change the shape and size of my mask just like Spot Remover, it would be just amazing.

The update that added such a VUI to the Size, Position, Rotate filter has already made my life a lot easier, I was really happy with that feature. Hoping to see it come to this filter soon too.
Anyway, keep up the good work I guess :smiley:


I was about to add a suggestion on this…
…but I was a good boy and did the search first…

…and I find that I am not first at all.

From another thread, just now:

With SPR, I am given a nice on-screen graphic UI, which I can use to size and locate the filter:

But with M:SS, there is no such graphic UI:

It would be extremely useful to have the same graphic UI for Mask:SimpleShape as is provided for Size,Position,Rotate.

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It may look like I only gave 1 like to this thread, but I actually clicked 101 times on the like button. :slightly_smiling_face:


Je suis actuellement en train de travailler sur le sujet, j’espère bien conclure d’ici quelques jours.
Mais je le répète, je suis bloqué sur la version V20.09.27

I am currently working on the subject, I hope to conclude in a few days.
But I repeat, I am stuck on the V20.09.27 version


Je me porte volontaire avec plaisir pour tester votre travail sur une version récente (si c’est possible) .

I gladly volonteer to test your work on a recent version (if that’s possible).

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Better yet, if I can have the control similar to Corner Pin on the rectangular Mask Simple Shape, that would be amazing

I know right?
This would be such an enormous improvement to the feature