Half transparent video overlay help!

I have 2 tracks, V1 and V2
V1 is just a normal video.
V2 is a video but it is about 50% transparent so you’re able to see V1 and V2 at the same time.

It is a bit hard to explain since my english vocabulary is not very big. But this video:

This video shows how it should look,
As you can see there is a cat in the background and a half transparent video ontop of the cat video with a bunch of military guys.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make this?

There are two ways you can do this.

One is by changing the Blend mode on V2 by clicking on the track head for V2 then clicking the Properties menu. The default is “Over” but you can play around to see one mode that you might find suitable.

The second way is to take the video clip you place on V2 and add the Opacity video filter to it then play around with the percentage.

God bless you, thank you so much

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