Half of screen is scrambled after export

Hi there. I’m new to shotcut and new to the forum.

I’m running into an issue and would love to get help from those in the know.

A couple of the clips I made for my video were oriented wrong. So I turned them 90 degrees with a filter and increased their size by 183% to get them to the full size of the screen.

They play great in my timeline, but when I export using to the standard MP4 recommend defaults, the takes that were turned and increased are not playing back correctly, while the rest of the video is fine. The left half of the screen is scrambled lines.

Here’s what it looks like


What are your source file specifications? Resolution, format, fps?
What do you have your video mode set at?
What were your export settings (other than mp4)? (Resolution, fps, codec)
What version of Shotcut are you using? OS?
Are GPU Effects turned off?

Video source info:

Video Mode: Automatic


GPU effects are not checked.

Export Settings:


Sorry, it doesn’t let me put more than one pic per reply

@Todd_Blackstone, well done on figuring out that you can still post one picture per reply.

Your source file is 1920x1080, 30 fps, and you left the video mode on Automatic, which adopts video properties of the first video file imported which is 1920x1080, 50fps.

You chose H.264 Baseline, which is a pretty low standard. Try exporting the YouTube preset (which is also the MP4 format).

I would try to match up the fps rates. Possibly that your source video (that’s giving you this problem) is at 30 fps, while your main video is at 50 fps. With this same project, try exporting by changing in the Frames/sec to 30.

If this doesn’t work, try creating a new project, setting the video mode first to HD 1080p 30fps, then import your video, rotate the clips, then export. I would still click on the YouTube preset when exporting, unless you specifically need that particular MP4 flavor.

Did you change the resolution values in the Export panel? If so, that is probably the issue; try without it. Also, try turning off Parallel Processing in Export to see if that helps.

Thanks guys, I tired the YouTube setting, left the resolution along, set to 30 fps, and turned off Parallel Processing, but it is doing the same thing. :frowning:

You can try to use different Interpolation settings in Export > Video.

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