H.264 To VP9 Possible After Upload On YouTube?

Hey do you guys know if you upload a video at H.264 (original format) to youtube. Can it be upgraded to vp9 if it gets enough traffic. Or is it always gonna be stuck at avc1 regardless of traffic due to the original video format being H.264

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers


Youtube will always re-encode your video, it doesn’t matter what format you upload.
But if you upload in resolution higher than 1080p then you will almost surely get VP9 (doesn’t matter how many views you get, even 1-5 views it will always do VP9 for 1440p and 4k - at least that’s what it does for me).

Oh I see that’s makes sense is there anything I can do after upload? Or is it a matter of re uploading with a higher resolution?

No idea if there’s a number of views after which it will re-encode it.
The reupload is the safe choice if you want it fast.

How to force VP9 on your YouTube videos

This was the situation in 2019 - not sure if it is still the case:

There are two ways to get the much superior VP9 codec on your YouTube videos:

  1. Have a lot of views (more than 1000 on any video)
  2. Upload your videos at the resolution of 1440p or 4K

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