Grid with 8x8


BTW :smile: , what about a grid with 8x8?
4x4 is often to small, and 16x16 often to big. Or…, vice versa? :thinking: :slight_smile:

TIA :smile:

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What grid are you taking about ?
When giving a suggestion, it is a good idea give some more information what you suggestion is and why.
So people people doesn’t have to guess :slight_smile:

@Earlybite - adding custom columns and rows would be the best option :smiley:

It makes it clear that he is talking about the grids on the preview panel, because the grid filter enables to do 8x8, but the grid view doesn’t.

So there is nothing left unclear here.

I thought it was about the pixel grids used when encoding videos, maybe it is just me there is “stupid” and didn’t understand it :grinning: :scream:

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Rather than saying stupid, it could be overthinking instead.

I can’t even imagine how did you predict pixel grids while encoding, that might require some clever brain work. I even first time read that it could be also a way to think a grid in shotcut.