Grid or guidline for Rotate?

Is there any way to activate a grid or guideline (horizontal) when trying to straighten a tilted video? It’s hard to do it by eye alone.

No grid, but you can get finer control if you hover your cursor over the rotation numbers and roll your mouse wheel.

You could you a screen ruler in place of a guideline line.
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Thanks! As long as the ruler is horizontal, it will work just fine. I’ve downloaded and installed it.

It had occurred to me that another method - but a bit cumbersome - would be to click the resize option and drag the frame against the working window to check the vertical / horizontal orientation. The ruler is definitely better.

If there’s a SHOTCUT wish list, I hope the grid or horizontal guide gets on it.

You can always create your own grid overlay and add it to a new track.
Here I created a Rule Of Thirds overlay in my graphics application.

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"You can always create your own grid overlay "
I would need to use PhotoShop for that, right?

If that’s what you have.
I’m not a PS lover, so I use something else.
If you don’t have PS, there are many freeware graphics apps available.

I just went with the ruler. Thanks for making me aware of it.

Yes you can create your own png grid images using GIMP or other software.Here , i m using this image

drag & drop this image (or your png image with transparent background) on to the top most track. Here i m using grid image with green background. In that case i have to apply chroma key filter.

Here my suggestion to the developer team: add grid fitler or grid clip/image(in open other section) I found the plugins filter in mlt documentation. Need to be implement in shotcut.