Grey Pixels on CCTV H.264 Video

Hey Guys, Im new here and new to video editing in general. Im doing a project for class and we had some CCTV from Hickvission, I believe in H.264, that every time i scrub through the video you get grey pixels. I thought it would be okay once i exported the video but these pixels still happen, especially during transitions.

This is how it looks with error

I was Thinking i may have to re compress the video, but unsure how or if that is the right way to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much guys. Some stuff about my setup just incase it helps:

  • windows 10, Dell XPS 15
  • Shotcut: 20.02.17

Just another photo for you, This is how it looks when i am scrubbing through this CCTV video or even changing properties like speed or sometimes happens when it is just playing through the timeline

Thanks again

here is a photo of what it looks like while scrubbing through the video on Shotcut. Note that I tried to use Adobe at school and the video wouldnt even load into the program.

Your video file is not suitable for editing directly. Open it in Shotcut (Source player is fine, no need for Timeline). Go to Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly… When the job finishes, double-click it in the Jobs panel to open the converted file to put in a project.

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