Greetings, logic, respect, common sense

Greetings all. I hope that I am not upsetting the appropriate criteria to start a new topic, but for me, it always must begin with the proper introduction. So hello everyone and I always live by the 4 rules always greet your friends and your adversaries on equal terms with logic, respect and use common sense in pursuit of your goals! Actually, my Grandfather always used this so I kind of borrowed it, but it has worked pretty well up to this point.
Now it is my intent to begin the tutorials, one at a time, and then share the experience with you guys. This is a great looking software and I look forward to the challenge. I am not a professional at all of this so I am quite certain that I will have a lot of questions, initially.
I have worked with several software packages in the pursuit of the perfect video such as Hand Brake, MKVToolNix, MP4Box GUI, Shark007, VideoProc, Wondershare, Roxio, ratDVD backup, MetaFox, Icaros, Haali Media Splitter, VirtualDub, encodehd, Graph Studio, Gspot, GDSMux and currently working with ConvertXto HD. I know, not much of a challenge but now I’m ready for a challenge.
So the rest of the information about me will be in my profile. That’s about the most I will say for the rest of our endeavor.
Doors always open

Hello and a warm welcome to the forum!! :grinning::grinning:

Hi Tim and welcome. Your experience tends to be with rather low level tools where you have to be rather explicit. Please be aware that Shotcut has a Video Mode in which it operates that is common in NLEs but not these other tools. Think of it as a project definition such as resolution and framerate plus some other attributes. Media is automatically adjusted to these attributes including scaling (for convenience), padding, deinterlacing, frame dropping/duping, and so on. Then, filters can either work in conjunction with these (e.g. Crop, Size and Position) or simply after the media after this pre-processing. good luck

I see. I will provide precision in my communications relevant to the details. Thanks


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