Green screen recommendations

Hi guys, I’m suffering with Greenscreen already several months. So I would appreciate any recommendations.
As you can see on the right side there is a spill on the head and arm.
My setup:

  • 2 daylight bulbs (45 W CFL-Daylight) with umbrellas for subject 45 degree left and right.
  • I also tried with and without 2 softboxes (45w CLF-Daylight) to light greenscreen. From what I see the greenscreen is not perfectly lit.
  • Greenscreen is 2 meters behind the subject
  • I key it in Final cut pro
  • My camera is Sony 5100 f1.4, iso 100, 25 fps, shutter 1/50, 1080p

The main problem is that I don’t know what I need to adjust. Is it the greenscreen than should be lit better or something else? Do I need more light or should it be dimmable?

Video with background:

Raw video with greenscreen:

Greenscreen image:

Greenscreen Problems image:

Greenscreen Problems image 2:

Keyed out image:

Keyed out with sample color removal:

White/black image:

While/black with sample color removal:

I thought to buy 2-3 cheap lamps with diffuser to light greenscreen on the bottom.

I’m open for any suggestions. Thanks for your time.

I haven’t used a green screen myself but recently watched a good how to video on it.

The person sharing pointed out that you don’t want any shadows on the green screen.
He had 2 extra lamps just for the screen and a decent gap between subject and screen.

There are a few tips on Youtube videos.

I made a couple of videos using the green wall in my living room. The problem, the wall is not smooth (it’s stuccoed).
So I used natural light from every angle I could.
This minimized the shadows and the differences in hues.
Then I adjusted the chroma key filter (I had to do quite a few tests).
I was satisfied with settings, but there was some green artifact in one area of the screen, so I removed this by using the “single rectangle mask” filter and it worked.
I think I got a good result because of the amount of natural light I have in the room.

Hi ejmillan,thanks for the links. First video was super useful. I think my problem is that I need a hair/back light to eliminate spill around me. I normally doing videos at late evening so natural light unfortunately is not possible.
Here is the last try. What do you think?

I think it got better. It looks great to me. :grinning:
I don’t often use the green screen filter, (because basically I don’t have the right equipment and I don’t usually appear in the videos I edit) and surely what I expect from my videos is less professional.

I also see a trend towards blue screens for certain conditions. Check this out.


Thanks a lot ejmillan. It really means a lot for me to hear opinion from other person because I can’t be realistic after seeing the same image again and again 100 times in a row.

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