Green screen help without a big blanket

Need help/clue how to start manage a green screen in Shotcut.
Is there something that traces the contour where you can then fill in green color around and then use croma key?
If you have a green blanket or likelye in the background and filming (ok, I found tutorials) but its not so simple if you have for example an elephant.
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so you’re trying to key with arbitrary backgrounds?

…more equal like it is in common paintprogram there you can trace contours around an objekt for an example “an elephant” sometimes in those program its a “macic wand” to use to make it easier. After that its easy to fill with for example that area with green color. If its green the Shotcut do the job with the background you want i supouse.

So you want to do something like this I’m not 100% sure if shotcut can do something like that yet, someone else will have to chime in.

Yes, without doubt! …but is it possible to do something like that in shotcut?

D_S, Thanks!!!

Shotcut doesn’t currently have the necessary tools to do what you want to do as shown in the video.
It has a mask filter that has four different shapes, rectangle, ellipse, triangle and diamond. You can combine the shapes to crop out a certain area of an image but if it’s a complex image you’ll need many masks.

A simple demonstration of using one mask filter to change the background on this image.


The developers might be adding a rotoscoping filter in the future. That’ll probably make it possible to duplicate the effect in the video that @D_S linked.

Here’s a short video using the image of the wall and beach overlaid with a video and a bad green screen dude.

Sauron, thanks alot for your information, suggestions and futurewish!

Case closed.

Glad we could help, if you know you want to key things the chromakey does work quite well and a greenscreen is realitivly cheap

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