Green screen help. Masking?

Hi guys!

Been using shotcut ever since we started my sons youtube channel, love it and learning new things all the time!

I’ve just bought a large green screen to go behind the sofa so we can put differlent backdrops on our videos.

However, we do toy reviews and stuff so inevitably sometimes something in the foreground is going to be green! Is there anyway to mask off part of the video where the green screen is so as long as we keep the green objects below the level of the screen, they won’t be affected by chroma keying?

Any help much appreciated!

Johny and Ethan

Add the Mask: Simple Shape filter after the Chroma Key, and then set its Operation to Add. This will affect the alpha channel defined by the chroma key by making the shape area opaque. Next, you need to adjust the shape, size, and position. You can add this filter multiple times to add more shapes.


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