Green Screen: Flashing Dust and Sparkles

I am using a green screen and have played with the chroma key filter to reduce the green background as much as I can but what’s left after exporting are small flashing bits and pieces of the green screen to the left and right of the video. It’s like small static. (see picture below, circled in red)

Does anyone have any tips? Thank you in advance.

Took me a minute to find the black/white specs.

Better green screen lighting, and lighting yourself better might help. the right side of your face and shirt is a bit dark. Make sure there is no wrinkles/folds in the material. Also make sure you or something else is not causing shadows.

Here is a video tutorial on green screen lighting. YouTube is full of green screen tutorials.

You’ve got a huge shadow right here. Light yourself separate from lighting your green screen.

Thank you very much. This has helped tremendously!

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