Green screen effect

Which filter should I use with version 20.09.13 for the green screen effect, I was not successful with the “chroma key simple” filter
Thank you for your help.

Not quite sure what you mean by “green screen effect”.

The source media needs to have a green, or solid color background to use Chroma Key Simple.
You can always pick another color to use with Chroma Key Simple.

If you are using a green screen, the screen needs to be evenly lit with no shadows/wrinkles. There are loads of YouTube videos on how to have an effective green screen set up.

Green works, and I even changed it for blue to work with Chroma Key Simple.

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Thank you for your quick response,
By dint of insisting I finally found a way out with this filter.
I had used the wrong filter hence my question on the forum.
Thank you for your explanation regarding the use of the green, blue or other color effect.
This forum is very responsive thanks to the generous members.

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