Green Screen / Chroma Key Moving

Hello Community!

I am currently working with video meme editing. (I know its childish)
There are some layouts that I have which make the chroma key area move around a little bit.

I am just getting into editing footage such as this. But I’m wondering if I can make the footage inside the chroma key move along with the motion of the green screen. Instead of being stationary inside of it.

Hopefully this makes sense,

I suppose you mean like in this clip, where the green area moves with the phone.

This means that instead of this:

You want to do this:

Let’s suppose the clip with your subject (in my case the dog) is on track V1 and the clip with the green area is on track V2.

You need to add a Size, Position & Rotate filter on the clip with your subject and use keyframes to make the clip follow the green area.

Here’s a quick demo:

Depending on you own clips, you’ll probably need to use more keyframes to make your subject follow the green screen accurately.


This is perfect and amazing! Thank you for your answer it is definitely what I was looking for!

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You’re welcome @Vegas10128

Brilliant as always - which begs the question, shouldn’t we post a feature request for this? I guess its called ‘tracking’.

Thank you @Devin_Chopra.

There is a motion tracking filter in development. It’s included for now as a toy in Alpha Version 23.03

You can see a brief demo at the end of this post:

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