Green Screen Background Split at Playhead and Stretch


Two quick questions. When I am using a green screen, and I use the split at playhead to cut a video, it usually cuts the green screen image as well, which is handy when I am cutting something from the end. Today I noticed it stopped doing that, it was only cutting the video. Is there a setting I can adjust to make that split or cut go through all tracks please?

Secondly, is there a way for the background green screen image to automatically stretch to the end of the video track, or do we need to adjust it manually for this?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Ray1

If I understand correctly, you have a green image on one track and a video clip on another track. You are saying that when you used the split tool, the split was applied on both tracks?

As far as I can remember, Shotcut was never able to do that. The split tool works only on one clip at the time.
Here’s an example in an older version of Shotcut (19.12.16):

And in version 20.09.27

I may have completely misunderstood what is wanted but couldn’t the cut be made with ‘Ripple All Tracks’ enabled?

Ok that’s a way to split on multiple tracks. Thanks @Andy_M

Ripple and Ripple All Tracks works, but you have to move one of the clips after the split.


Sorry @Andy_M … I thought you were the original poster replying…

No need to apologise @MusicalBox, I should apologise instead, I replied to the last post not the OP.

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Thanks guys. When I use the spilt at playhead button, it would always cut through all tracks, and then I would delete whichever side needs deleting by right clicking and hitting remove. I noticed yesterday it stopped doing that. Your solutions have worked though for splitting tracks, and it now cuts through all tracks at the same time, but right clicking the video and removing the unwanted part, requires me removing each track / part independently. For clarity, I refer to the the green screen background image as a track as well. So if I split a video and green screen image, and hit remove on either side, it doesn’t remove both the video and green screen section that has been split away, but only the video track I am clicking on, how do I remove both at the same time please? I must have hit a button or setting somewhere, because it had this functionality before.

Thanks for your assistance.



When I have two tracks. One video, one the green screen background, I add the video to track 1, then I drag the green screen background to track 2, the green screen background does automatically stretch itself across the timeline to match the above video track. I have to manually stretch the sides so it matches. Is there a setting which can cause it to autosnap or autofill or something along those lines?



It never did that and still does not. You need to change current track and spilt again.

Yeah, I never had to do it individually before. The split button would cut through every track. Thanks.


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