Great new Export Frame feature

I just noticed a great feature improvement in 21.09.13 regarding “Export Frame”. Shotcut automatically adds the seconds and frame number to the exported file-name.

Shotcut export frame improvement

This is great!! Genius idea, thank you @shotcut :+1:

Apologies if this feature has been mentioned before in the forum and it passed me by.
I’m now using v.21.09.13 after previously using v.21.03.21 and not updating in between. Not sure which version it was introduced.

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I like the feature. It’s helpful for making me sure at what time I captured the snap. (didn’t knew this before)

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Indeed - also saves me having to type in an incremental file-name when I do lots of exported frames (eg when I make a tutorial…)

Hi @jonray
I think you mean seconds and milliseconds?

Here’s a frame export at the 5 seconds + 12 frames position on a 24fps project.

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Ah, yes, of course! You are right. :+1:

For flute sheet music, 120fps video is perfectly reasonable. :wink:


LOL! :rofl:

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