Graphic on top of another

How do I create a graphic on top of another but smaller, with fade in/out?

Shotcut does this with “filters”, which to me seem better described as plugins, but anyway - you’ll need to use a couple of filters. You’ll need the Size Position Rotate filter to get the size right on your smaller image. If you want to fade as in dissolve, I think perhaps the easiest way might be to use the Opacity filter and control it with keyframes. If you’re not familiar with keyframes then that’s going to add some learning curve, but there are lots of tutorials around, either on Youtube or here on the forum. You could also just overlap your clips to produce a dissolve, but if they are different sizes that might be a bit odd - or maybe cool, who knows?

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A plugin is what I guess a extra add-on functionality that wouldn’t be present traditionally in a software. The filters in shotcut are rather good being described as filters only.
For example, the marker functionality was previously a third party plugin that got implemented later into shotcut officially and just comes now bundled with shotcut.

Although, I too believe the filters is not the best description, rather effects should be better. Filters is what I call different color and looks of a camera app. Effects describe the filters best.

@LTD welcome here

(Or just hover over the right and left end of the clip on the timeline, once you see the circle, click hold and drag it)

There’s one more video from Jack Cole, but that guy talks faster than eminem :skull:

Plus he has a whole series for just editing one single video, you can follow that if you want to get deep into shotcut. Others like James Woo ( I don’t remember the name exactly), @jonray , @MusicalBox, @UbitronicsUK , and @Hudson555x do have great tutorials.

(Sorry for unnecessary mass tagging :sweat_smile:)

Take Photoshop: those “things” you use to mess with your images are called both plugins and filters. To me, plugins are effects that come with Photoshop but which can be supplemented with 3rd party additions (Topaz, Flaming Pear, etc) and as I understand it, there are such things for Shotcut too, but the issue of what to call them seems less important than answering the OP’s question. It’s too easy for threads to get derailed by off-topic minutiae as it is. Hopefully, your video will do that.

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I have the main graphic that will last several minutes and I want to overlay it with a graphic that will be, for example, about 30-60 seconds.

@Ar_D Thank you for the welcome!

I’ll definitely check out their information.

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I’m using Paint 3D for my edits. Is there something better than this and free?

There’s Krita. I know it’s available on linux and Windows, don’t know about Mac. It’s a pretty good program, actually. There’s Gimp, but man, I hate that program! :slight_smile:

Found it - Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom. - ty! I’ll check it out.

Update: I downloaded and started playing around with it – too many clicks to get to certain functions. It appears it’s not good for existing screenshots to manipulate.

You could try Photopea.
It’s an online (and free) photo/image editor that is almost identical to Photoshop.

I’m used to paint 3d, I like it, but looking for something better and similar. Or, am I missing something and paint 3d is the only program like it?

How do I create a graphic on top of another but smaller, with fade in/out?

Not exactly sure what you’re asking. Nevertheless, if you want to make a video with two smaller-resolution images that fade in and out you could try this.

  • Place the smaller images on a video track above your main video.

  • Use the Size, Position & Rotate filter. Size mode set to Fit.

  • Use the Opacity filter with keyframes.

Example video:

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You described what I’m looking to do. Thank you.

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You are welcome.

I forgot to show this.
Have 2 keyframes at 100% in the middle.

There are also different types of keyframes to use.
Read this article to learn further about keyframe types.

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Pixlr, photopea, gimp, canva. And a lot more, just search for them.
Also photoshop if you manage to get it the other way :wink: (not reccommended to do, and should not do actually)

Paint 3D is very different compared to others, it’s pretty basic and has definitely more ease of use. But is not as professional as any of the softwares mentioned here. You can stick to paint 3d for ease of use, background removal AI, and basic 3d, but nothing more than that. However, if you want more freedom, anything like gimp would work.
So, paint 3d is itself the only program like it.

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What exactly does this add from the information in your first post?

Left image keyframe

Right image keyframe

Example video

Gotcha. I’ll have to do more research. The other information you posted, helped me out with my current project. There’s so much to learn about video creation and editing.

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