Grain filter problem

hi all
i have a strange problem with video size when i using oldfilm-grain filter
let me give you a example
without filter - 1.18GB
with filter - 7.8GB
i didnt change the export settings or adding anything else… i only use grain filter

some ideas how can i fix that…or this filter just work like that ???

I think the filter works that way.
Exported a 4 sec color clip. 13.3KB
Same clip with grain. 46.6MB
The export time for the clip with grain was about 8X longer.

The filter is adding noise to the video so it makes sense that the file size will increase.


now i understand…
so… if there any chance to add these kind of effect to my videos without using this specific “old-film” filter…by using some kind of unofficial filters ?
i mean, you are some kind of expert in these things…

I’m not an expert.

You could try using the noise filters added to the Beta. They kind of have the same effect. The file size will increase as you increase the noise amount.


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sounds good
but from where i can download only the filters… or i need to reinstall the whole client?!

Install the beta. It’s been working pretty well so far.:slightly_smiling_face:

If you just want the noise key frames filter copy the folder in the zip file to the filters folder.

00 (2.1 KB)

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