Hello everyone and thank you to the developers for their work.

More a photographer than a videographer, I try to apply the same development technique to SC. Yesterday on a small indoor film, I wanted to use the gradient because I had a slightly annoying lateral light source, and there impossible.

My request is therefore that the gradient be able to rotate, a bit like that of darktable (photo development of raw files) or its fork Ansel, it’s super practical, in addition we have the possibility of bending it.

You can make a custom gradient in Glaxnimate and place that on a track above the video and change the blend mode as desired. Or maybe put the gradient on transparent color clip and add the Size Position and Rotate filter.

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Hi and thank you for the advice. I’m going to try the second solution because I’m not at all won over by Glaximate, which I uninstalled very quickly :wink:
It works perfectly, thank you again, I should have thought of that.