GPU processing warning missing?

Has the GPU processing warning been removed in SC 17.12.03?

I recall there used to be a message box that popped up when you tried to load a project that had been saved with GPU processing enabled. The message no longer appears and SC just stops working.

Also, it seems that all html filters seem to work better with GPU processing enabled. Shotcut becomes un-responsive when the filter is edited in non GPU mode.

No, it depends on whether you have added any GPU filters or transitions into your project. And the HTML filters interaction with GPU processing has not changed in recent versions. It is probably just behaving different on your system over time.

Added a GPU filter to the project and the warning appeared. But when I remove the GPU filter and try to open the project with GPU processing disabled Shotcut crashes.

I originally saved the protect with GPU processing enabled and now without any GPU filters Shotcut stops working.

Maybe the warning should pop up when a project was saved with GPU processing enabled even if there are no GPU filters in the project. That way the application would not crash inexplicably.

The HTML filters have always been a bit problematic. Maybe my display driver is not the best.

This is minor but when I go to export this comes up, which is fine, but I check the “Do no show this anymore” box every time and the warning still appears.:slight_smile:

Sometimes launching an app ‘Run as Admin’ helps settings stick in the registry.

Just tried it. Didn’t work.:frowning: Thanks.

Fixed for the next version: 18.01.