GPU .... multi cards needed?

Hi. I am a very enthusiast and proud user of Shotcut. I easily learned to use it. Easily to learn is the main quality of this great software!! Another thing that made me landing here from elsewhere is the GPU use. Shotcut builds video with the GPU video engine. For me the GPU is CUDA. It renders video at 16, 15 % of the full power. Probably something could be done to increase it. But somebody uses two or three or four GPU. I have TWO CUDA cards to mine cryptos. Sometimes I love to see them in action. For fractals animations (Shotcur connects images and creates videos easily and in seconds!!!) I use also Shotcut and the value of the GPU use increases. In video-to-video editing remains 12%–15% If you like you can plan to release a multi GPU version. Thanks.

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